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The National Partnership: Our Mission: To build and support career development programs and systems that ensure seamless transition by linking and integrating secondary and post secondary education, professional certifications, and organizational recruitment, employment, training, and retention systems. Learn more and get involved.

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It’s no secret that assessments can feel like “high-stakes” scenarios for both students and teachers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple checks for comprehension, like a small quiz after a lesson, can deliver important feedback for student learning. Today’s digest highlights the focus on assessments measuring for deeper learning, strategies to foster […]

In what's being dubbed one of the largest data dumps in history, Collection 1 contains the data of over 770 million people. But is it really as bad as it sounds? We take a closer look and let users know what to do if their info is caught up in the mix.


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Calling all data system developers! NFPA is looking to procure the professional services of an established firm (alone or in partnership with other firms) with successful experience designing and implementing comprehensive digital solutions for public