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Over the last few days, we've noticed a large increase in malicious spam spreading Emotet, as well as a higher number of detections from our customers. Looks like we're in the middle of an active Emotet campaign.


Tags: campaignemotetEternalBluemalicious documentsmalicious spamthreat statisticstrickbotWannaCry

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The Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) is an essential element of online authentication. But are you aware of all the known vulnerabilities? And, more importantly, have you patched them?


Tags: authenticationbrute forcedenial of serviceexploitsmailserversaslSimple Authentication and Security Layervulnerabilities

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SYRACUSE, NY -- Five people were injured in a shooting on Midland Avenue in Syracuse about 9 p.m. Thursday. Here's the latest news from Syracuse police officials who held a news conference at 11:15 p.m. 5 people shot including an 8-year-old girl All are in stable condition and expected to survive, according to Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler.