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An FDNY medic is accused of sexually abusing an unconscious woman being transported to the hospital in his ambulance, kissing and licking her breasts, officials said Friday. EMT Michael Seebrat, 46, was charged with sex abuse Friday for allegedly abusing the 24-year-old woman on the way to Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan on July 27.

The Avzhan DDoS bot is back in the wild again, this time being dropped by a Chinese drive-by attack. In this post, we'll take a deep dive into its functionality and compare the sample we captured with the one described in the past.


Tags: avzhanBotbotnetddosdrive-by attackexploit kitmalware

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We take a look at what happens when one of the most popular DIY Deepfakes programs decides to monetise with a spot of coin mining. Surprise: it doesn't end well.


Tags: coin miningcoinhivecryptodeepfakedeepfakesfakefakeappminermining

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