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Skill Up to Scale Up

A national program for converting Cyber Foundations Curriculum into a Competency-Based Mastery Learning Certificate Program



Barbara Belon

Director of Membership and Academic Networks

National CyberWatch Center

Casey W. O'Brien

Executive Director

National CyberWatch Center

David H. Tobey

Director of Research & Assessments

National CyberWatch Center

Join us for a scrapbooking exercise to convert Outcomes Based Education tests into a Competency Based Mastery Learning (CBML) assessments. Bring along your favorite textbook exam bank questions for courses in networking, scripting, Linux server, and Windows server fundamentals. Learn how to rapidly design a CBML concept inventory assessment by re-writing test banks to create an open-source assessment library that can be validated and shared through the National CyberWatch Center Curriculum Standards Panel program.

Presentation: 20-25 Minutes

Q&A: 15-20 Minutes

When asked to share their thoughts on the benefits of school choice and their homeschool experience, this military family did what they do every da

The aviation industry and air traffic (control) are vital elements of our infrastructure. While flying is reportedly safe, how does that landscape look cybersecurity-wise?


Tags: air trafficair traffic controlATCAATOaviationcontroldata breachesdronesEUROCONTROLfreightNotPetyaransomwarespamWannaCry

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