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Call for Presentation Proposals

The National CyberWatch Center and the Curriculum Standards Panel is pleased to announce the Call for Presentation Proposals for the 2019 Virtual Brown Bag Lunch program. Presentations made in a Virtual Brown Bag Lunch showcase or unveil exciting new innovations in cybersecurity education. Often these new techniques, tools, and executable libraries for instruction, assessment, practice lab, or challenge lab are in a prototype form when presented in a Virtual Brown Bag Lunch session. Each Virtual Brown Bag Lunch includes a 20-30 minute presentation followed by Q&A and discussion. The primary purposes of the session are to:

  1. increase awareness of pedagogical techniques and tools available to cybersecurity educators and trainers
  2. obtain feedback on the instructional design
  3. solicit interest in forming a new Curriculum Standards Panel Topic Area Working Group (TAWG) or Special Interest Group (SIG) around the concepts, techniques, or tools presented in the session
  4. prototyping a course module for a royalty-generating Cybersecurity Skills Development WorkshopTM
  5. soliciting participants for pilot implementations and data collection of a skills development curriculum that will become the basis for an article in the Cybersecurity Skills JournalTM

Proposals most likely to be successful are those that are informative and relevant, with clear and immediate application for raising the capability maturity of cybersecurity students and professionals. Strong proposals will focus tightly on one of the specific content areas. Though a presentation may focus solely on one element of a curriculum, the most valued proposals are those which present a complete instructional module containing all elements of a competency-based mastery learning curriculum:

  1. instructional text and video for developing understanding (proficiency) in declarative, procedural, conditional, and situational concepts
  2. assessments that determine the level of capability maturity
  3. practice labs for developing skill (competency) through repeated application of procedures under varying conditions
  4. challenge labs for developing ability (mastery) through varied application of the conditionalized competency across situations or scenario
  5. differentiated content based on the level of proficiency, competency or mastery obtained by the learner
All successful proposals must detail the opportunities for audience engagement or how they will inspire discussions after the 20-30 minute presentation. Topic areas of a Virtual Brown Bag Lunch will align with one of the seven specialty areas of the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Foundation and Pathway Series Curriculum Standards


All proposals for Virtual Brown Bag Lunch sessions are due by:

January 15, 2018

Call for Presentation Proposals will be accepted only through the online mechanism. Proposals will not be accepted in any other manner. Proposals are evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once all twelve presentation slots are filled for each month of the 2019 program, no further proposals will be evaluated. Therefore, it is essential that you submit your proposal as soon as possible.

All presentations must indicate what material will be presented in each of the following areas:

Curriculum development process

  • Learning goals and objectives
  • Concept map or hierarchy
  • Learning pathways

Instructional components

  • Knowledge development (Declarative, Procedural, Conditional and Situational)
  • Skill development (Practice labs)
  • Ability development (Challenge labs)

Assessment of mastery

  • Threshold concepts (assessing confident understanding)
  • Threshold actions (assessing skilled performance)
  • Threshold judgments (assessing ability to address challenges)

Presenters are strongly urged to read the article defining the key terms involved in competency-based mastery learning ("Competency is Not a Three Letter Word") to ensure adherence to the principles and terminology used by the National CyberWatch Center Curriculum Standards Panel.

Questions regarding the Curriculum Standards Panel Virtual Brown Bag Lunch series or this Call for Presentations should be directed to Dr. David H. Tobey, Director of Research and Assessments (

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