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A phishing page that hides behind a translation service. A kit that uses fake font files. A hyper-realistic campaign that could likely fool even the pros. We look at these noteworthy phishing attempts and more to show how far phishers have evolved, and remind users to remain vigilant against this threat.


Tags: font file phishinggoogle translate phishingphishingphishing kitphishing template

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Bots are an endless source of debate online, but all we ever hear about are the bad ones. In this post, we look at some examples you've probably already run into, and explain why one person's good bot is another organization's bad one.


Tags: ad fraudAIbad botsbidding botbotschat botsmindless botssnipers

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It was during my freshman year of high school when I first realized that STEM was not the career pathway I wanted to pursue. While I understood the importance of a strong foundation in STEM fundamentals, my real passion was business. My story starts my freshman year of high school in Pharr, a south Texas
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